Time management and when it goes wrong.

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Time management and when it goes wrong.

Oh no –it happened – something I always worried would happen – my worst nightmare came true!

When I started as a MT one thing I really worried about was time!

Do I have enough time to massage?

Will I have enough time at home?

Do I have enough time in between clients?

Can I keep treatments to an hour?

Lots of time questions. It was such a big issue for me. I decided to get rid of my paper diary and book everyone on my calendar on my phone. This way I would always have it with me.

Eventually I thought everything was sorted and my timings in each area had improved.

Life recently has been hectic, massage is not my primary job and my other job was getting busier and I felt like I was running from one thing to the next. I wasn’t taking care of myself and was too busy to realise how much I was stretching myself.

This time of year there are lots of 10k races and Marathons going on, with many of my clients being runners I was in high demand so my clinic was busy too.

That’s when it happened

My worst nightmare

I double booked my clients!

How did this happen?

I had a client send me a message the week before asking for a massage, I checked my calendar and messaged back with a couple of options.

He picked one and I replied to confirm – I have no idea why but I didn’t book it straight into my phone calendar.

Later another client asked to change his appointment, he is a regular and was in so much pain after running a marathon that he couldn’t drive so asked to move his appointment to another day. I found next day had available and booked him in.

Everything seemed to be going well as I continued to run from one thing to the next, but I did have that feeling of forgetting something.

Then the day came! – As I do everyday I checked to see what I had on for the day. Feeling exhausted I was pleased to see only one client booked for that evening and was looking forward to an early night.

7.25pm came and there was a knock at my door, stood on the doorstep was one of my clients but not the one I was expecting, it was the client I hadn’t booked in my calendar! I felt a sense of panic wash over me and my heart started to pound. Flashing my best smile I guided him into my clinic and explained I’d just be a moment as I had to finish something before I could start his treatment. He was five minutes early so he happily took a glass of water and sat in my clinic.

Hands shaking and a huge sense of panic I checked my messages and confirmed it was me who had it wrong – How could I mess up like this?!

I had half an hour before my other client so I quickly called him. Luckily this was the ideal client to change last minute. He was very easy going and he had quite often expressed that he is happy to change if need be – although i’d never had the need before.

He answered and I explained I had made a mistake with my booking and could see him at 9 rather than 8 . He laughed, called me a numpty and asked what other appointments I had. Luckily I had an appointment the following day and he took it. His main concern was for me! He could have come at 9 but he was worried about ME!

Feeling so bad I offered him a half price treatment for the inconvenience to which he laughed again and told me not to be crazy.

Taking a deep breath I went to my clinic and started my treatment.

What a stupid thing to do – something I always worried about and it actually happened!

All went well and the following day I gave my client his treatment and insisted I only took half price, as it was so wrong and unprofessional, I was so embarrassed. I was so lucky that it was this particular client, as had it been anyone else they may not have come back and I fully understood that.

This was a real wake up call and I have since arranged my diary to book fewer clients and also not confirm anything until I had it in the calendar.

Its all about time – making sure I take the time in my treatments but also in my life, give myself enough time to book the clients and confirm!

Its so important to stop a few times a day to take a breath and settle your mind – something I will definitely be doing from now on. Take time out for self care and realise that if I don’t look after myself I wont be able to look after others!

I really need to re-read some of my blogs on self care and take my own advice!

Take care of yourself!

Let us know if there is any nightmare comes true moments for you within your clinics and how did you deal with them.

As always please feel free to get in touch and let us know if there is anything you would like us to talk about or a product you would like us to review. [email protected]

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