Plans for 2018

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BusyHive Plans for 2018

Happy New Year Massage Stars!

We hope that 2018 has been good to you this far and you are positive and motivated for what it has in store for you.

Over the break Krzys and I had a great time with our families and enjoyed some down time from our clinics for a week – it was much needed and gave us a chance to reflect on 2017 and what we have achieved so far. It has been a great year for BusyHive.

When we launched we were so nervous and hoped we would get a few subscribers and maybe a few likes for the first year. Although we were working extremely hard to make new and fresh content for you all we never predicted what a great response we would get and for that we are very grateful.

Our plans for 2018 is to keep up with providing you with fresh content but also to launch a BusyHive classified page!

BusyHive Classifieds will be the only classified page dedicated purely for massage therapists.

It will be a place where you can advertise any products you no longer want and wish to sell but also companies will be able to promote their products too. Also any job vacancies or rooms to rent.

The extra feature will be you can rate and comment on goods you have purchased and let others know if you liked it or if you had any issues.

There will options for training from schools and colleges or conferences – again with feedback option.

So start looking now – any items you have that no longer need or use or have replaced. In March you will be able to sell them on our new classified site! Things from massage couches to books and tools to anything in between.

One thing I am particularly excited about is swaps! There will be an area you can advertise for a swap with another massage therapist. It will give the chance to meet other therapists and try different styles in exchange for massage from you.

We are so excited about what BusyHive will be offering you all and all going well this amazing new site will launch in March!

As you can imagine this is not an easy task and we are rapidly realising just how much work is involved so for this reason we have decided to step back – just a little to give ourselves more time to focus on getting the site ready to launch. We really have been busy bees!

What does this mean?

We have decided to bring you fresh blog and podcast every other week instead of once a week. So instead of my blog on a Sunday it will go live on a Monday and then alternate each week between blog and podcast.

This way the week will go as follows

Monday – New blog or podcast

Tuesday – Top tip

Friday – Meme

All these changes are going to be great and we are looking forward to getting everything started for you guys. The site will carry on as it has been and this site will be an addition. So as always if you want a subject covered or know someone who would be great on the podcast then please let us know.

Remember we are always checking the site and social media so if you have anything you want to discuss or want help with or even if you have an achievement please share with us. You can either message us on social media or email [email protected] or why not just post on our wall and start a conversation there?

As always feedback is great and we love to hear from you.

We wish you all much love and laughter for 2018.

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